Do Students prefer Hybrid or Fully online?


Mindy Benedetti

Brookelyn Benedetti, Charity Anderson and Kennedy Bailey all on A day at school.

Aidan Merrill, Reporter

Recently,  a lot of students have been complaining about hybrid learning. Do students prefer Hybrid or online?

Brookelyn Benedetti said, “I like Hybrid a lot better. This way I get to see my friends, and actually be with them in class. It’s a lot better then just sitting at home and staring at a screen all day.”

Chloe Scott said, “I like going two days a week better, because then our teachers can actually instruct us and help us, better then they can online.”

Other students say online is depressing, and staring at a screen all day doesn’t make them feel good. This wasn’t what everyone had to say though.

Charity Anderson stated, “Hybrid is really confusing sometimes, and difficult to go to school one day and then go back two days later.”

A lot of students have been struggling to get used to this and it has been affecting their grades. Other students said,”Online is easier, because I can just get it done and be over with. I can even work ahead.” Everyone works differently, and these changes have affected everyone.

For the majority of students at Highland, they like hybrid more. Their reasons why are because they can socialize with their friends, get better instructions in person and it’s better for them to go to school.