Review of Mulan

Is this a watch worthy movie?

Ayva Krosch

This movie begins with Mulan as a young girl who doesn’t want to live the life that is expected of her.

Her father tells her to hide her Chi, and bring honor to the family by marrying someone. Mulan agrees.

Later, the emperor orders that every family must have no man go to battle against Bori Khan.

Mulan’s dad is the only man in the family and he insists he goes even though he can barely walk after going to battle the last time.

Mulan does not like this so she decides to hide her identity and go to battle in her dad’s place.

After a long travel she arrives at the base.

She has to hide that she is a women or else she will be expelled or killed.

Mulan finally shows her Chi after years of hiding it.

After more attacks from Bori Khan, Mulan and her army go to battle.

When fighting Mulan decides to stop hiding her identity, and fight as herself.

When she shows her real identity, her army expels her and says if she comes back she will be killed.

Mulan however, does come back.

She comes back to warn them that Bori Khan is planning to attack the emperor.

They believe her and send her to lead the army to protect the emperor.

Mulan then saves the emperor from Bori Khan.

Mulan then goes home to see her family, where they are very excited to see her.

The emperor sends guards to ask Mulan to come back and protect the emperor, Mulan agrees.