BPA Slows Due to Coronavirus

Business Professionals of America


Dannis Adamson and Tyson Edwards

BPA, Business Professionals of America, is led by Mr. Pearson.

Pearson’s role is to organize meetings and to recruit kids.

This year has been difficult for BPA because as the Coronavirus pandemic speeds they have not been able to recruit more people.

They have also not been able to have their normal meetings.

Overall BPA has accomplished some awesome things. They have sent many kids to stats and nationals which are not an easy thing to do.

BPA also participated in a coat drive that was hugely successful and has many service hours.

Grant Adamson

This year has been challenging for BPA because they have not been able to recruit as many people and not hold their regular meetings.

BPA is creating neat relationships along with helping kids connect.

Mr.Pearson likes to give in-depth explanations so they can understand all the questions they will have on the test.

Mr.Pearson also does not like to assign a lot of homework.

According to Mr.Pearson all of the kids have the potential to do what they want to do.

They also love what the do and he is just there to start them.

The current year is going well for the students.

They are able to do an equal bit of work at school and at home with the hybrid schedule not really affecting them this year.

All kids are invited to BPA and kids that are self-starting do the best.

BPA Can help kids with their resumes.