People should play ‘Among Us’

Waste of time or fun use of time?


Katelyn Atkinson

Carter Atkinson playing Among Us on October 6th, 2020.

Katelyn Atkinson, Reporter

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Among Us is a game that has been out since June 15, 2018, if you’re just hearing about it that’s because it recently became popular.

You can play Among Us with your friends or family, you can also go online and play with other people around the world.

This game is very fun to play and is a good way to pass time.

 If you don’t like murder mystery type games I would not suggest this game to you, but if you love mysteries and you like solving them I would definitely recommend Among Us for you.

They have different maps and game modes to play with, There are three different maps in total.

You can play with as many impostors as you want as long as it’s between one and three, the max players you can play with is ten people including the impostors.

The impostors are the people who are trying to kill everyone to win the game, the crewmates are the people trying to complete tasks, stay alive, and figure out who the impostors are to beat them.

Before the game starts you can change what your character looks like, there are twelve different colors to choose from and many different hats.

There are also extra hats and pets but for those you have to pay for them.

You can play this game on your phone, tablet, and your computer. Among Us is free to download on your phone or tablet, but it costs money to get it on your computer.

Something that I don’t like very much about this game is that you get kicked out of servers if you have a bad connection but that’s not the game designers fault.

If you don’t have that great of internet connection I would not recommend this game to you because you would be getting kicked out of servers a lot.

Another problem that I didn’t figure out until recently is that sometimes the game will glitch and it will push your character all the way to the edge and then it freezes your screen and you can’t do anything until you get killed or voted off.

Something I would suggest to make the game better is being able to friend people so you can just join them instead of having to enter a code every time you want to join someone.

Other than these few things I think Among Us is a very enjoyable and is a super fun game to play with friends.

I think that someone who likes mysteries and solving them would love to play this game because Among Us is all about trying to figure out who the murderer is.

Other people that would enjoy playing this game are people that like to play video games.

You can play it on your phone, tablet, or even your computer.

Among Us is enjoyable for any age, I play it with my younger brother and I play it with my parents and they all like playing it.

Before I played Among Us I was hoping that it would be a really fun game to play and a fun waste of time.

I heard really good things about it from my friends and my cousins, they said that it’s really fun and that they love playing it especially with other people you know.

I wanted this game to have good editing and decent details.

Once I played the game I realized that it had just the right amount of detail to make it enjoyable and appealing to kids, I also noticed that the editor did a very good job on the characters.

I was expecting this game to have little issues, it’s fine if it has only one or two small ones but if it has a bunch of different ones then I wouldn’t enjoy it as much.

When I started playing they didn’t have any issues, but as time passed it developed a problem and your game glitches.

To get Among Us on your phone or tablet you go to your app store, then look up Among Us and click install.

Among Us is free so you don’t have to pay anything for it unless you’re getting it on your computer and there are in-app purchases.

I use this app every day, it is very fun and a good waist of time.

Overall I think it’s a good way to spend your time, it’s a very intriguing game and a good distraction from the craziness of the world.