How to Love book review

Romance lovers, bet you haven’t heard of this spectacular novel yet.

The book How to Love by Katie Cotugno with a protective plastic over it from our Highland library.

Shyanne Strength

The book How to Love by Katie Cotugno with a protective plastic over it from our Highland library.

Shyanne Strength

Firstly, I would like to say this book deserves a big 4.5 out of five stars.

How to Love is a romance novel unlike any I have ever read before. It’s definitely intriguing and it shows two different stories of the same people. 

Katie Cotugno seamlessly wove together this story of two people falling in love twice. When they were younger, Sawyer was a mess, into drugs and drinking and parties. Reena (Sereena), who liked to live more on the down low, was trying to clean him up because she couldn’t imagine life without him. 

When they broke up she was crushed but then it got even worse for her after finding out she was pregnant at 16. Emotional and tired, she drove to his house and saw him leaving. She didn’t call out, or even make it known to him she was there, and she didn’t see him again for two years.

Reena was close to her stepmom and her best friend, Shelby, who had really helped her with Hannah, her baby. At the time, she was dating Shelby’s brother, Aaron and things were finally starting to look alright for her. Right when she was adjusting to life without him, Sawyer suddenly shows up back in town one day,  as if he had never left. Over the next few weeks, he gets close to his daughter, and Reena. 

While switching from the aftermath of the baby and him leaving to before, Cotugno makes you feel as though you are reading about two different couples in two different lives, when the difference is really only a couple of years.

This novel is pointed more towards those who are interested in romance novels. If you enjoy stories like “Hatchet” by Gary Paulsen or the “I Survived” series by Lauren Tarshis more than “The Notebook” by Nicholas Sparks, this book isn’t likely to be for you.

I was expecting to read an interesting story and to be entertained by it. This book exceeded my expectations. At first I wasn’t so sure about how good it was going to be, but I gave it a try anyway. I am so glad that I did. 

I wanted to be taken on a roller coaster ride of feelings. The emotion and detail that the author poured into this made my heart explode, so I can say for a fact that she met, if not exceeded, on this one as well.

I was hoping for a dynamic story of love that made me so happy to see the two of them together. Where I did get two love stories in one book, I think I’ll give this a met expectations. The author did however fall a bit short on the story of before. 

At first, my heart was glowing when they finally started to see each other. But after a while, I saw how toxic Sawyer was being to Reena. The things he was doing made me hurt for her because she was trying to save him as he was a mess. 

Her attitude towards him didn’t make it any easier of a story to read. While she did have the right to be angry with his actions, she wasn’t trying to be understanding and it ended up just pushing him away even more. By the time he left there was so much hate and anger between them it was hard for me to see that they had ever been in love.

I highly recommend reading this novel. Even though it does have it’s faults, I personally believe that the beauty of the two stories more than make up for it. I also do understand why the author would add the hostility, for it makes the “after” story so much more amazing to read.

How to Love is available to buy through Amazon whether you want a paperback or the kindle version. You can also access it on Audible if you would rather listen than read it.