Disney+ releases a new movie ‘Secret Society of Second-born Royals’

A movie that starts off as another fairytale, but takes a twist which is worth watching.

Secret Society of Second-born Royals released September 25, 2020 Friday on Disney +.

Starring Peyton Elizabeth Lee as main character Sam, a young princess who’s older sister played by Ashley Liao will soon reign as Queen.

You may know the actress Peyton from other Disney films such as Andi Mack. Other characters such as Olivia Deeble who plays Roxanna, a teen girl who can’t keep her hands off her phone and has to post once a day to survive.

Nies Fitch as Tuma, a prince who only cares about himself.

Isabella Blake-Thomas as January, a perky cheerful girl.

Flay Raotohavana as Matteo, a young boy who feels invisible to the world.

Together they learn to control their powers to stop Edmond, Sam’s uncle who she thought died with her dad.

The plot of the movie shows that we need to work together and help each other to succeed.

I highly recommend it for families, it is a fun movie everyone will enjoy.