City Hall takes the virus seriously

Looking in on the building department and the electricians department


Abbie Summers, Reporter

I went to my mom’s work at City Hall and observed the way they do things, and to see if they take corona seriously or just brush it off like it’s nothing.

City hall has many departments I decided to focus on two of them the first one being the “Building department” and two the “Electricians.”

The difference between the two is one of them are taking COVID-19 more seriously and that would be the electricians.

I honestly think the reason they take it more serious is because they are going out to unknown people’s homes and doing their jobs, so they take extreme caution.

Now the second one which is the building department, they aren’t as serious but they still have standards such as: They require masks, they wear gloves, they only allow a few people in each department at a time, and you have to call in when you need something.

You are also buzzed in by the front desk no one is aloud in without authority and they have a right to refuse service to anyone.