To all the Boys book series keeps you turning pages

A book series for the romantic at heart


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Jenny Han

Ashley Bigelow, Reporter

This book series is about a teenage girl who doesn’t have a big group of friends.

Lara Jean the main character is super close to her sister.

 Her life is pretty average or even a little boring, that is until her love life takes a turn with a few different guys. 

This book series has three different books and they just keep getting better.

This book is for you if you like books that are more on the romantic side, but are realistic. The characters are like most people, but the book is still interesting and a page turner, I would highly recommend this book series. 

If you’re the person that isn’t into those types of books I would head in a different direction and not read this book series just because I feel like this series is pointed to a certain type of audience. 

If you want to read this book you can find it in most bookstores, Amazon, or if you like to listen to books and not too much of a reader Audible is a great place to buy the book. You can also find it at most libraries. 

My expectations for this book were pretty high because I saw the movie for the first book and I really wanted to try the books out, but the book passed my expectations because they were so good.

In this case the books were better than the movie,s and the movies in my opinion, are amazing. 

I also kinda expected the book to be about the same as the movie and I thought I maybe wouldn’t want to read the other books that goes with the rest of the To all the Boys series, but I could not have been more wrong. I finished all the books in two weeks.

I give the series a five out of fire stars because they kept me staying up at night wanting to read more and because of that I’ve read the books series multiple times. 

I would say if you liked the movie To all the Boys I’ve Loved Before, go and buy the book series or check them out from the library because you will not want to put the books down.

 In more details what this book series is about, is that it started with a girl who was a complete book worm and dreamed of being in a relationship and having a boyfriend.

 She had two friends, Chris, and Lucas, but she also had one enemy well more like she disliked her and the one she disliked though Lara Jean as the enemy. 

In the first book she writes love letters to five different guys; when she had feelings so strong but decided it was time to let go of those feelings she would write a letter to them.

The letters were filled with all her feelings for them, then she put them in hat boxes her mom gave her, but she never sent them.

That was how the whole series started, just with five letters.

Some other characters you should know about which are some of the guys she sent letters to are Peter Kavinsky, John Ambros, and Josh Sanderson.

Her sisters are also pretty important to Lara Jean; they’re known as the Song girls. It was their moms maiden name.

Margo, also known as Gogo which is the older sister, older than Lara Jean by about two years. Then there’s Katherine who almost everyone calls Kitty; she is the youngest by about four years.