Forgotten will not be forgotten

A book you will want to read more than once.

Kenadi Austin, Reproter

This book is about a young girl who forgets everything that happened that day when she goes to bed. Not only does she struggle to act normal every day, by leaving yourself notes on the day before, but she can see into the future and see if someone is going to be in her life in the future.

Her schedule all changes when she meets a boy and she doesn’t see him in her future, but somehow every new day he is there.

She tries to figure out why she can’t see him. While she is working on seeing her future better she is also working on figuring out what happened in the past. She hasn’t always been like this but she couldn’t remember what happened or what had changed.

The book has great details and paints a picture of the entire story in your head. The author does a good job of portraying the character’s emotions so that you as well feel them. It is full of mystery, but it is also a romance book.

I think this book is directed toward teenagers or young adults. I know for me every time I read it I get more out of it each time. I have read it so much I just bought my own copy.

I’m huge into romance novels so I had heard it was a romance and that’s what I had expected it to be. It did pretty well at meeting this expectation, I liked how it had some mystery too but I think they could have added more details and pieces of her relationship. I’m not the greatest reader, and this had been said to be an easier book to read, and it was a really easy book to follow and I understand most of the words. With any book I expect it to grab my attention from the beginning. This book did just that, towards the middle, I couldn’t put it down.

The first time I had read it was at a school library. I do know that some public libraries have it and if you would like your own copy they have them online at Chirp Books, Barnes and Noble, or Amazon. Some Targets also carry this item.

I think everyone who enjoys reading should read this book at least once. I think it was such a fun book and had a mystery to it, but it wasn’t hard to follow. It also had some romance and drama to keep you on your toes. It was a very entertaining book, but I don’t think many adults would enjoy it because of its youthfulness writing.