We were there, now we’re here

What is hybrid like compared to last year’s online?

Shyanne Strength, Reporter

As we come nearer to midterms, high schoolers are still adjusting to this new way of learning. With classes being half online and half in person, our fellow students have some opinions.

Sophomore Blaykley Thurman says that the hardest part of the hybrid year for her is focusing on the online part because “it’s a lot harder to do a whole day of school at your house than at an actual school environment.”

Last year’s normal was a lot better for Ka’Trina Yokoyama, freshman, much like Thurman. Yokoyama also stated the online schooling in middle school  “was more complicated than this one now because we didn’t come 2 days every week. So we just went straight on and it was a little harder.”

However, Mckenzy Quick, freshman, had an easier time doing online classes last year, in middle school, rather than the hybrid school life we are adapting to now. 

Thurman said online school last year was easier except it was “unorganized and chaotic,” whereas this year is better, but harder for her. 

Procrastination plays a big role in lives now we are only at school twice a week. Lexie O’Hearn, 10th, said, “Probably the days I have off during the week because it feels like the weekend so I don’t want to do anything,” when asked about her biggest challenge. 

O’Hearn says she loves being home but would prefer it to just be one or the other, not a bit of both. She also said that being back to normal would help her mental health, “Because after I’m home for a couple days I don’t want to leave. And so when I have to leave I’m like ‘bleh.’”

Drama teacher, Alix Van Noy, is also wishing to go back to normal. He says that it is difficult to figure out what to do for the online classes. For him, teaching his acting classes has been a real challenge when not in person learning.

“I couldn’t get my work done because my teachers wouldn’t answer my emails,” O’Hearn also stated about last year’s online work.

Thurman has a very strong opinion about returning to school full time. “I think that we should just have everyone that wants to take the risk, can just come back to school and then everyone that doesn’t should just stay home and online so we can go back everyday.”

After the school board decided to continue hybrid through the rest of the year, students will have to learn to cope with this as a longer-term solution than they were hoping. Zerek Younis, 9th grade, stated that he likes coming to class better and the worst part of this all is the online assignments. 

Sophomore Daelon Miller states that he believes the freshmen of this year have it a lot harder than the freshman last year.

Sending luck to all the freshmen who are not only trying to find their way through their first weeks of high school, but are also navigating through something all of us are new to.