The JV volleyball team plays like a pandemic didn’t sweep the country

Junior Varsity is working hard through the crazy times

Jenna Riley, Abby Moore, and Kaylen pose on picture day at Highland high school.

Paige Leatham

Jenna Riley, Abby Moore, and Kaylen pose on picture day at Highland high school.

This September, our junior varsity volleyball team is carrying on with their season on the courts by being safe and wearing a mask because of Covid-19. 

Jenna, who is a freshman on the team, says that “it limits our activities for team bonding,” referring to Covid. The virus hasn’t allowed anyone to meet in larger groups.

Another player, Kaylen, said that their season has been different since the corona virus started. This team and many others had no beginning of their season. 

“Teams had to be invited to certain open gyms,” Kaylen also told me. So, practicing with their entire team was difficult during this messy time. 

Everyone on the team gets along off and on the court with four freshmen, one junior, and the rest being sophomores.

“I was scared at first because I am a freshman on a JV team, but we all get along great,” Jenna Riley states.

Paige Leathem is the coach of this team and the girls all love her! “She is so good at balancing out working hard and having fun!”

This coach really knows how to bring her team together and help them out in hard times. But, the hard times haven’t lasted long because all but one, they have come together with a victory.

Kaylen announced that “there hasn’t been a lot of home games and there won’t be for a while.”

Not many students have been attending their games because they have all been away these last few.

“We’ve attended a few tournaments including one in Burley.” Kaylen also says.

Those too, they have won! Their coach also takes their phones away in games so they can “socialize.”

Some of these acts contribute to team bonding for all of the players.