Students miss RamTV

Jessey Gray, Alyssa Funk, and Brynn Hillary

The T.V.’s in the hall sitting there used for most of the school year at highland high school because Ram T.V. isn’t continuing this year. Photographer: Brynn Hillary

Ram T.V. was a fun way for students and staff to be more involved with school.

Ram T.V. was run by Mr. Perkins a former teacher here at Highland. He had some real broadcasting experience himself. Mr. Perkins left the RamFam to go work full time in broadcasting.

Ram T.V. joined youtube Nov. 19, 2015, and was up for about four years.

Mr Hebdon said, “I liked that it gave some students who were in that class, some experience like posting stuff online, and making recording. So I think it’s fun for them and it’s a really good learning experience.”

“I was on the Ram T.V. staff last year, it was a blast. I learned many things about posting, editing, and recording. It felt like a really studio,” said Junior.

“Mr. Wallace is able to recognize and give out information each day but Ram TV was able to visit with various individuals and use them to create stories,” Mr. Travis Bell, Vice Principal, said.

Students who were on Ram T.V. learned valuable skills that unfortunately others will not.

There were rumors that another teacher was supposed to take over the program, last year but sadly we don’t have that yet.

Students liked to participate, they liked to b eon screen, and have their friends be a part of it too.

“I also think it was fun for the students to be “local celebrities” as the entire student body recognized the people who were involved in RamTV,” Mr. Steven Morton, assistant principal, said.

The students really got to express themselves in the skits. They got to display their personalities, and their likes.

Most importantly students and staff enjoyed Ram T.V. and we should definitely think about bring this fun class back.