Students feel the weight of carrying backpacks

Will students prefer backpacks or lockers?


Highland High School is one of many schools in the past months that have gone with the only backpacks approach to coming back to school.

Ever since the 2020-2021 school year started, students have been lugging around their heavy backpacks. This is due to the widespread concern of the Coronavirus.

One student said, “I almost feel unprepared because if something doesn’t fit in my backpack, I can’t bring it.”

However, not all students would rather have lockers.

Another student said they would rather “just deal with carrying a heavy backpack than being late to classes.”

Some students would prefer to have both lockers and backpacks.

One student said, “I like to carry my backpack with me so I can can have what I need, but at the same time I like to have a locker so that I don’t have to carry everything around with me.”

Though students each have their own opinion, there are pros and cons for both.

One student  said, “Having a locker is nice, because you don’t have to worry about someone stealing your bag with your Chromebook.”

Having a locker would be beneficial for keeping down the stealing of electronics, but each student has a responsibility to keep track of their stuff.

Another student said, “Backpacks can also cause your back to hurt if you have too many materials and notebooks in them.”

Many students don’t know how to downsize on their supplies.

One student said, “It’s definitely nice to have a locker, because that way I can store my instruments.”

Lockers are definitely more beneficial to students who play sports or play an instrument because it gives them a place to keep the instruments, while if you’re an average student, you only have a backpack to carry round for the rest of the day.

One student said, “Lockers are a waste of time because I keep being late for classes because of trying to get all of my stuff for other classes.”

Some students prefer lockers more because they keep all your stuff in one secure place and you don’t have to carry a bunch of different things around.

Another student said, “I feel so bare when I don’t have a locker, because I don’t have everything that I need.”

When you have a locker you have a lot more space and you’re not trying to stuff everything into a single bag.

Another student said, “I like lockers because I feel like I don’t have to hold as much.”

When students use backpacks it’s helpful because they don’t have to take more time to stop at their lockers to get stuff for each class.

One of the students said, “I like lockers more because I don’t like carrying a heavy backpack around.”

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