Freshman football rides rollercoaster season


It’s finally half time and the team seperates into groups to talk about how they are playing.

Jenna Riley, Reporter

Tyson Sutton, #6, sees that his team is in need of a hand and decides to go help them out. (Jenna Riley )

The freshman football team started the season with a bumpy ride.  They have won some few and they have lost a few.  And with COVID-19 in the way, it makes it hard to get together and work on these things. 

“We’ve limited a lot of things. We’ve limited attendance to games, wear masks; coaches are always wearing masks. They are sanitizing the footballs after every round of play,” said Principle Wallace. COVID-19 has not been taken lightly. The football team has to be extra safe when it comes to being sick because if only one person gets sick, the whole program will be shut down for 14 days. 

“We practice every day, except weekends, from 4-6. And my biggest competition is the other players on my team, fighting for playing time,” said Simon Gifford, #41. The teams this year are good. Which means we need to step up our game. 

“We’ve played some decent teams, and we played okay. I think our biggest competition is ourselves,” Gino Mariani, head football coach, said. 

There is a lot of potential for this team and great sportsmanship. Sportsmanship is a big thing when it comes to playing in a sport, so good thing HHS has a lot of it. After the loss from PHS in Thursday’s game, the boys from opposing teams went to give each other high-fives and hugs and tell each other good job. 

“Well, we went out there, definitely didn’t play our best, but at the end of the day they wanted it more than us,” said Gifford after the game. Our Ram spirit won’t be destroyed just because we lost. 

“I feel pretty good about our team and our potential,” Isaac Stosich, #18, said. 

“I think we are going to take a bunch of dubs this year,” Landon Saunders, #27, said.

A picture of a play being run during the game, Highland vs. Poky.

With the record of 2 wins and 3 loses so far, and practicing everyday from 4-6, the freshman football team feels like they will do better as the season goes on.  A lot of these players have been playing for a long time and feel like if they put a little bit more effort into their games, they could win. 

“I have been playing football since the 3rd grade,” Tayeson Poole, #13, said. 

The freshmen have a few more games to prove themselves this season.