Chromebooks move like snails

Dannis Adamson, Reporter

Chromebooks are laptops, However, they are a bit different than regular laptops. This does make how you use them very different.

As you use Chromebooks have you ever noticed how they seem slow? They actually are.

If you haven’t noticed Chromebooks don’t use the same operating system as normal Laptops.

Instead, they use Chrome OS. This is vital to making the Chromebooks work.

1. Instead of Using Windows 10 Chromebooks use Chrome OS. They do this because they don’t have enough power to run Windows 10.

2. Schools absolutely love Chromebooks because their intent was to be used in mass at school.

Because Chromebooks have their own OS They have been filled with admin controls. This allows the School admin team to quickly see all the Chromebooks and block websites. This is why you can’t change a lot of settings.

3. Battery life: If you charge your Chromebook overnight then You can get through the entire day of school and do most of your homework (this depend on how long it takes) This does help stop kids coming to school with a dead Chromebook but some people still manage to kill their Chromebook.

4. Performance: To make the Chromebook al light and have the best battery life something has to be cut down.

The CPU on a Chromebook varies depending on which one you get. The ones at school are running at 2.16GHz with 2 cores.

Another limiting factor That the Chromebooks have only 4 GB of RAM. This gets eaten up with pictures and slideshow over 10 slides.

This is the reason your webpages have to reload after you work on something with a lot of pictures.

This wouldn’t be such a big issue if the school’s internet wasn’t so slow. However, it is Because of all of the Chromebooks and the Firewall they have set up that is preventing you from doing noneducational stuff on the school’s network.