Students must use backpacks instead of lockers this year

Most students are okay without lockers

Abbie Summers and Aidan Merrill

Do the Pocatello Highland ram students prefer Backpacks over lockers? Or lockers over backpacks? And some reasons why they prefer one over the other.

Addison Summers prefers backpacks over lockers for a few reasons. Summers prefers backpacks over lockers because “It is more convenient, It doesn’t waste time stopping at your locker ever break.”  

Sadie Morrison says she prefers backpacks over lockers because, “it is easier to just have all your stuff with you in and out of class.” 

It seemed that the preference for backpacks over lockers extended beyond the COVID-19 rules.

Former Ram, Brandon Harris said he prefers backpacks over lockers because, “I never used the lockers I’ve always thought backpacks were more convenient for when I needed something.”

 Hunter Merzlock agreed with the other students. “It eliminated time from having to run back and forth between classes, for students who need to use restrooms, or get food, or talk to another teacher, It more affordable for the school to take them out and have more room in commons, And there’s plenty of space for you things.”

Mrs. Smith, science teacher, says it should be the students choice. In high school she used her backpack, even though she also  thought that “Carrying around all those books can be bad for your back.” She thinks it should ultimately be the students’choice, but if she were in high school again, she would use her locker.

Smith expressed concern of kids bringing inappropriate things for school in their bags, but “I think students should be trusted and if you are concerned about a student in particular, it should be  handled 1 on 1 .”

 Ultimately, most students at Highland prefer backpacks. For them it is easier then having to run back to a locker between classes to get their things.