Highland Varsity Football Team Left in Shock

Biggest Football News at Highland Since 1967



Logan George

Kenadi Austin, Ashley Abram, and Mercedes Frey

“Worst loss since 1967,” said Hunter Huelsman, football player.  In their game against Skyview, Skyview scored 45 points and shut out our football team.

Huelsman said that they had prepared for the game beforehand. 

He explained that they watched lots of films in their free time. Most of the film they watched were of the team they were playing. Huelsman said, “We overlooked them.”  

He said they went in with a cocky attitude. They felt unbeatable and they let it get the best of them.

When asked what the best play was Hunter replied with, “We didn’t have one.” 

There was not one good play that stood out to him throughout the entire game.

During half time the players were told to, “Keep playing hard and battling through,” said Hunter.

Gino, their coach, gave them a half time talk. Huelsman said that the only thing that kept him motivated was the fact that they could always come back.

Hunter said next game they will need to, “ Set a different tone.”

The team needs to have a different attitude at the beginning of their game so they start the next game off right.

Logan George said,“Little mistakes caused us to lose.”

The football team should have paid attention to their little mistakes. That is what took over at the game against Skyline.

He also stated that they could have communicated better

They could have been nervous for the first game. Working together and communicating could have saved the game.

George gets ready for games by reading notes and napping.

George added that there was a lot of pressure on them during the first game.

“We could’ve done better at getting to the quarterback,” George said. He thought that they might have had a better chance if they moved faster during the plays.


Hunter Huelsman
Hunter Healsman