The History of Highland High School’s Pride Rock

The rock provides a place to express pride or sorrow or whatever needs expressing at the moment.

The History of Highland High School's Pride Rock

Highland High school’s pride rock, added to the school when the new addition was built sits in front of the building to help reduce vandalism on the actual school.

“Highland added a rock kind of with the intent that it was free range for kids to graffiti so it gave them a spot to vandalise,” Principal Brad Wallace said.

Not only is the rock used for preventing vandalism on the school, it represents a place to mourn.

“When we had a student pass away, we decorated the rock,” Wallace said.

The rock also serves for different means. When alumni come in the summer we will have them decorate the rock.

Highland also wasn’t the first high school to get a pride rock. “Poky had the original rock so back when it was Poky/ Highland there was a lot of vandalism of Highland and not as much at Poky because if you were going to go do Poky you would spray the rock,” Wallace said.

It also serves as a symbol for Highland. Whenever students come to Highland the rock is always there, so it kind of serves as a foundation for the school.

However, the rock wasn’t always there for Highland, it used to be three smaller rocks. “There used to be three rocks on the senior lawn.” Which represented the sophomores, juniors, and the seniors of Highland.

Back when the high school was only 10th, 11th, and 12th grades they had those three rocks. The rock was new to a lot of the previous graduates, so when they come back for reunions, they decorate the rock.

“When I first came to be the principal, the rock was new to Highland,” Wallace said. One of the reasons Highland got the spirit rock was because we were often getting vandalised and one of the attempts to clean it off was a sandblast that you can still see on one of the walls outside.

“The school rock has been a part of our highschool for a while now,” Wallace said. The Highland High School rock is a big part of our school spirit.