Wearing masks protects each other

HHS is staying in school with certain precautions


A Highland High School student shows off how to wear your mask properly. Photo by: Brynlee Fehringer

Brynlee Fegringer, Reporter

In Pocatello, Highland High School students and staff are wearing masks to continue their hybrid schedule since August 20th, 2020.

Wearing masks properly will keep you and others around you safe. “Mask wearing is selfless,” Van Orden says. The science behind masks is more important than other people’s political views.

Mr. Van Orden joked about having a callus on his nose from wearing his mask all day. As much as everyone hates wearing them, we should be safe and keep everyone healthy.

He also declared that “children aren’t as prone,” but considered his coworkers as well as his students’ parents. Helping decrease the spread of Covid-19 is very important and wearing a mask is the responsible thing to do.

“I just want a regular season,” Mr. Van Orden says as one of the coaches for cross country.  If these masks are helping kids stay in sports, after school clubs, and school in general, we should be all for it.

Kendrick Chambers says, “It’s not a big deal to wear masks.” If wearing a mask means we are keeping others safe, it shouldn’t be a big deal.

Another student says, “I have a grandma that I see regularly and I want to do the most to keep her safe.” Lots of other students are in this situation as well and feel the same way.

“I want school and society to go back to normal just as much as everyone else does,” he states. The better we do at stopping or even slowing down the spread, can help us go back to normal life.

“My brother has cystic fibrosis and this virus really affects the lungs,” says another concerned student.

Some individuals have severe medical issues that can cause them to be more prone. One student says, “I have Type 1 Diabetes and if I contract the virus, it’s over for me.”

Protecting yourself and others should be our number one priority right now, even if it means we have to wear a mask.