Homecoming traditions changed due to COVID-19

Student Government plans safer Homecoming Week


Elise Wood

Photos of past homecoming queens of Highland High School are a reminder of normal Homecoming traditions. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, there will be differences in Homecoming this year because of the social distancing necessary to stay safe.

Elise Wood, Quanesha Williams, and Jenna Riley

There are changes in Homecoming Week traditions at Highland High School (HHS) this year, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, Student Government has found ways for HHS to have an amazing Homecoming Week, from September 10th-19th, 2020.

“We’re eliminating some of the normal activities that we would participate in Homecoming Week and doing a modified version,” said Bradley Wallace, HHS principal. These modifications are meant to keep everyone safe.

Homecoming Week activities this year will include decorations, dress-up days, Homecoming royalty, an assembly, a Senior Sunrise event, a drive-in movie, and a flag football game, Student Government said.

Many of this year’s activities will take place outside, and correct social distancing procedures will be followed.

In light of Covid-19 we know we have to make changes to the traditional activities. We also feel it is important to try to have some sense of normalcy and carry out a Homecoming Week,” Student Government said. One of the events taking place is the Powder Puff game. 

“We’re going to do a Powder Puff game, like we usually do. People can come watch. We will just have everyone wear a mask and social distance and those kinds of things,” Mason Mickelsen, All Student Body Vice President, said. This game will take place at 7 PM on Saturday the 19th at Iron Horse Stadium.

“There’s a set number that the district’s come and evaluated,” Wallace said of the number of available seats at football games. Student Government explained that to keep football games safe, masks and social distancing will be required.

“So, we are unable to do the dance and things. That is one sad thing! But we are still going to try and make it fun in other ways that we can, while using any precautions we can,” Mickelsen said. HHS will be using a theme of colors for this year’s Homecoming.

HHS is “going to try and do a sunrise everyone can go watch,” said Mickelsen. This sunrise will be taking place on Wednesday, September 16th, at the HHS baseball diamond. At the sunrise, “masks and social distancing are required,” Student Government said.

Principal Wallace explained that work surrounding Homecoming Week and finding appropriate precautions was done by Student Government. 

“Just working around it is kind of our precautions, just doing other things, since we can’t do our normal things,” Mickelsen said. Student Government said they’re working to make sure we have fun while still staying safe.