You Scream, I scream, We all (should) scream for Soda Barn!

This article will be discussing why you should always turn to soda barn when you’re in need of a tasty beverage. I give it five out of five stars.


Jordan Kae West, Reporter

Soda barn is one of the greatest things in small-town Pocatello, Idaho. It brought in a splash of delight and flavor to everyone who got a taste of its magical holiness.

Soda Barn includes soda (obviously) Italian Sodas, Cookies, Cookie Dough, Coffee, Hot Chocolate, And more!

What makes Soda Barn so special is that they take a regular drink and make it into something totally different. They have a bunch of flavor “syrups” that they splash into your drink that makes it totally unique and different. My favorite drink is Diet Coke. At the Soda Barn, they have three different types of Diet coke drinks, but it doesn’t stop there. You can request your own flavor shops and try out crazy different types of tastes. So I always get the ‘Lime in da CoCo” (soda barn is also creative with their name!) In my drink its a base of diet coke with a poof of coconut and a sprinkle of lime. SO GOOD. If you love diet coke as much as I do, I 10/10 recommend it!

The Soda Barn - We'd like to give a shout out to Sign... | Facebook
The Soda Barn in 2017, when the blessing appeared… i mean when it first opened!

That’s not the only thing Soda Barn offers.

The people that work there are amazing. They are always so nice and super quick to get you your drink. I swear every time I leave they always say “Have a good day.” The crew is absolutely the best.

Another thing Soda Barn offers is that their TWO of them! There’s one in Chubbuck and Pocatello (near ISU). And they both include drive-throughs with not a huge wait. If there is a long line it goes by quick (because of the great workers).

Even if you do want to go inside, you’ll feel so cozy. The decorations are so cute and there’s plenty of seating to just settle in and enjoy yourself. The soda Barn is literally such a cool place to hang out with friends and just party it up. (as pictured below)

Me and my friends at Soda Barn, trying to become the cool gang from the popular tv show “Friends”
The original picture from “friends” that we tried to copy so that we could become just as cool as them.

So PLEASE go to soda barn if you haven’t tried it yet because i promise you, you wont regret it.