Newsies broadway performance and songs give me goosebumps

I rate this musical five out of five stars.


Chris Harrison Grovetown

Cinderella’s Castle – Walt Disney World, Location: Lake Buena Vista

Cortnie Hulse, Reporter

Disney’s musical Newsies: The Broadway Musical took me by surprise with it’s wonderful performance. Its songs have stuck with me and it is one musical I will never forget.

This musical can be found on Disney+. I would recommend it for ages twelve and up. The plot is based off a real story but with it’s own twist with using music.

The music is really what makes this musical amazing. The songs are catchy, and I found one to be lightly relatable, and I know other reporters could also find the same song relatable as well. The music helps us understand the true emotions of the characters. It also adds a lot to the excitement of the musical.

These songs fit in perfectly with the mood of the storyline. It is clear that every story has a reason of being used where it is. I have found myself constantly listening to the music in this musical. Every song is catchy and has a powerful feeling. I have never had a musical’s music stand out to me in the way the Newsies music has.

The plot was always straight forward and never seemed to stray off too far. There were points in the show that I got so involved with the storyline, I actually got upset at the situation the Newsies were in. I also found the romantic parts of this story to add a nice touch to the show.

The performance itself was amazing. I found it was easy to forget that the whole thing was performed in front of a live audience on a stage.

Although this musical is based on an actual event, it is clear the creators of the musical thought out each character for this show. Each character states throughout the movie their hopes and dreams. They also share what they are going through during the time this show takes place. They are all characters the audience can get attached to. This concept adds a lot to the show.

I would definitely recommend watching if you like music similar to Imagine Dragons. Overall, I feel this is one of the best musicals I’ve seen.

Cortnie Hulse