10 Shows to binge watch while in quarantine

Here’s a list full of shows with different genres that will make quarantine seem a whole lot better.

Jordan Kae West, Reporter

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All the shows listed in this article can be found in the popular entertainment app, NETFLIX.


This show is one of my favorites. There’s a lot of mystery and some scary parts that are very possible to keep you on your toes. There’s 3 season (with one on the way) with around 13 episodes that are all 40ish minutes long. This show will last a good while but is very worth to watch. Another thing this show has is a very big plot twist that will make you overthink everything.


This show is the best thing on this earth. It’s absolutely hilarious but you have to know what sarcasm is while watching it. It’s about this boss who is very immature and won’t take anything seriously. All the workers all have different personalities that make the show even better. Its a must watch and it will take you a long time to watch because there is only 9 seasons.

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If you love drama you’ll love this show. Every single episode has so much juicy drama that it will change the whole mood of the episode. Its mostly about football but there’s also violence referring to gangs and family problems in every family that gets introduced. This show is liked by both males and females. Sports for the males and cute boys working out a ton for the females.


The drama is similar to ALL AMERICAN but there’s even more to it. Mysteries and deaths. This show keeps you on the edge of the seat, wondering what will happen next. Besides that, there’s a lot of steamy romance between the four main characters. The show will last you a long time as well and won’t make you bored while watching it.

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This show is more realistic and heart-warming. It’s about a mom raising her 16-year-old daughter and just dealing with life, drama, love, and future choices. The show will last you a long time because every episode is 45ish minutes long for each 153 episodes. The first show aired in 2000 so it’s a little older but still a good show to watch.


Realistically there is no way to describe Tiger King. If you are looking for a show that will constantly make you say “what in the crap” you’ve found it. Tigers, Mullets, Mystery, Murder… it’s all there. It’s a trainwreck that you can’t peel your eyes off. It will be the best and worst 7 hours of your life.


This show makes you feel bad while you’re sitting down watching all these bakers make delicious, funky designed, food. Its a contest and it’s very addicting to watch. It really brings out people’s artsy side as they try to make a design that fits the contest’s design description. It makes you realize there is a whole lot of desserts besides cake and ice cream.

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Some bakers trying to finish their cake before the timer goes off.


If you find vampires attractive, you’ve come to the right place. This whole show is wrapped around vampire drama. It’s mostly about vampires past lives coming back to the present and trying to live in today’s world while going to high school and getting into couples and getting drunk at parties. The vampires are only really there to protect one girl who apparently has a history with vampires. Its a good show and is pretty long so that will keep you entertained for sure.


Imagine the Kardashians moving into a motel in Idaho. That’s what schitt$ creek is basically about. This extremely rich family found out that their tax guy embezzled all their money and so the only thing they owned was this little town called schitt$ creek. It’s a very funny movie that will have you hooked within the first few episodes.

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The “rich” family staying in their small cozy motel.


This was my most recent TV binge and i really enjoyed it. It’s about this girl living in a loft with three other males and they all try to make it through life. It’s a very funny show that has romance, struggles, and confused lives. Binge-watching it lasted a good 2 weeks and will keep you entertained. Even my younger brother loves it.

Well, that’s all I have for shows to binge-watch but i hope you’ll enjoy these as much as I have enjoyed them!