The arts are a viable source of income

The arts are commonly though of as hobbies rather than viable career options.


Mx. Granger

Artists at work in Dafen Oil Painting Village

Gabrielle Taylor, Reporter

The arts are commonly thought of as hobbies rather than viable career options.

In quarantine many people are consuming various forms of art, whether it be music, film, or books. According to American Time Use Survey 2018, most people spend over half of their leisure time watching television. People statistically spend a good amount of leisure time consuming the arts.

Artists make an average of $53,400 a year according to Chron. Artists on average earn more than teachers do. A living wage is made by the average artist.

Business Insider conducted a survey that resulting in most parents encouraging their children to engineers, doctors, scientists, etc. They are trying to persuade their children to go into fields that they deem stable. In that same study over have of the parents said that they would discourage their children from becoming actors or entertainers. They don’t want their kids to have carriers that they think won’t provide a steady income.

The common thought is that the arts don’t provide a consistent income and thus is an undesirable career. Statistically we are spending a lot of time consuming the arts proving that adding to it would be a valuable profession. We frequently encourage the youth to be doctors or engineers as a society because those are respected jobs, and are viewed as valuable by society. Parents just want the best for their children, usually, but they don’t think that pursuing a career in the arts is a good idea otherwise they wouldn’t be encouraging them to pick a different job.

There are statistics proving that artists, musicians, and the like can do well for themselves. They do as well or better than teachers, that can also provide for themselves. The people working in the arts are not necessarily living up to the starving artist stereotype.

They arts are not just mere hobbies they are careers too. They should be treated with more respect than they get.