Keeping our elders safe, self-isolate!

Elders are sadly more prone to being stricken by this serious virus.

If we love our elderly citizens, we will do the best to keep them safe.

Carlos Garcia

If we love our elderly citizens, we will do the best to keep them safe.

Carlos Garcia, Reporter

As most of us know,the Coronavirus is a very serious thing, and should not be taken lightly. However, it is also well known that the elderly members of our community are most susceptible to this global pandemic. Researchers have recently found out that older adults, over the age of 80 have had a death rate of 13.4%. This is taken more heavily since people in their 50s have only had a death rate of 1.25% and people who are near 40s has only been 0.3%. This explains how the Coronavirus has been taking the lives of our older citizens of the community. Another researcher has found that the elderly can be more prone to attracting the virus because of the respiratory illness that they might have or get because of the virus. This has caused panic over our grandparents and older family members. A respiratory illness can cause pneumonia. Pneumonia can cause other symptoms such as shortness of breath, cough, and high fever. These symptoms were known for a while now, but are more harsh for the elderly. Therefore, these are just some of the reasons we should self isolate our elderly. Luckily, they’re are some ways we can prevent all of this from happening. You can send them a care package to show how much you care and that your thinking of them during this time. Schedule a specific time to call or facetime. This way you can still see them without risking their health conditions. Even doing things the old fashioned way might help. Write them a letter and keep a constant thing going. These are just some of the ways we can keep our elderly safe during these unfortunate times.