Zoom App, Hit or Miss?

As the Coronavirus pandemic continues, it the Zoom app as reliable as it seems.

The Zoom app has taken over the nation as a new revolutionary app.


The Zoom app has taken over the nation as a new revolutionary app.

Carlos Garcia, Reporter

By Carlos Garcia

In a recent time of distress among the world, many people have gone to find the Zoom app to be a good resource. Students across the world are using Zoom to stay in contact with their teachers and major companies have used this app to keep in touch with their employees. However, there are some that have been taken aback by the recent app’s introduction to the public eye. This has sparked controversy over whether the app is reliable or is more of a sidekick to apps like Google Hangout or Messenger. Personally, I had never even heard of the app until  my teachers had decided to use it to communicate with me for classes. However, my expectations of such a new app were met decently well. At first, I had expected the presentation to be pretty well done, since it was a new app, and while there were some noticeable flaws, the app did pretty well in giving me a general idea for what it was trying to accomplish.  Even though it was a new app, I had thought they’re were going to be some lag issues, but during one of the sessions, the quality held up and I was visually impressed. Zoom did a good job in standing itself out from other apps by showing something old, and something new. I would personally recommend this to any teachers, major companies, or even close friends and family who are trying to stay in touch with the whole Coronavirus pandemic going on. All in all, I was impressed with how this app is displayed and would use it in the future going on.