Highland students testing positive of extreme boredom

Students are having difficulty adjusting to this strange new life.


Keaton Higgins

Keaton Higgins is at his house with nothing to do.

Joe Walsh, Reporter

Keaton Higgins, a fellow student at Highland High-school, has been bored out of his mind while stuck at home. He has been trying to fill his time with different activities but the boredom is getting to him. “I’m starting to run out of things to do” Higgins said.

Despite the quarantine only having gone on for a few weeks Higgins is getting bored. “I have been working and playing Wizard 101” Higgins responded when asked what he was spending his time doing. He has found a few activities that interest him, but he is still getting bored.

“Online school is the worst” Higgins said when I asked how he felt about the new online schooling. He  doesn’t really like the new way of learning. “It gets to stressful and teachers are over assigning work I feel” Higgins stated. He is overwhelmed by this new remote learning. “I would much rather prefer going to school then learning from home” Higgins said. He prefers going to school then this new process. “I feel as if I learn better being surrounded with my teachers and peers” Higgins stated. He feels as if his learning capabilities have been dampened to too lack of his teachers presence.

“I also miss seeing my friends between classes and going to lunch with them” Higgins said. He is missing his peers to an extreme degree. “I miss being able to hang with my friends” Higgins responded. When asked what he misses most he replied that he misses his friends.

“I wish this quarantine would end soon” Higgins responded when asked if he had any other thoughts on this whole situation. As most students feel, Higgins is over this whole situation already.