Student life while quarantined

What’s happening so far during quarantine.


Photo Credit: Angela Villarreal

A photo of herself taken by Angela Villarreal.

Alexis O'Hearn and Jada Bradley

During this unusual time schools across the country are being shut down due to the pandemic of the Corona virus.  While under quarantine students are having to do online schooling, many schools have chosen to use Zoom. Zoom is a program that allows multiple people to join in a video call and be able to do school or work with their teachers or coworkers.  With online schooling, classes should hopefully be back to normal when school resumes. At the moment we aren’t sure when we will be returning to school, or if we will at all for the rest of the school year. The only thing that we can do right now is to stay in our house as much as possible, wash our hands for at least twenty seconds and clean our most used surfaces and objects.

While students are stuck at home some struggle to get through the day without seeing their friends everyday like they used to.  Although students are enjoying their time off the majority of students wish they were back in school, despite being able to stay home all day. Here is what freshman Angela Villarreal said about her quarantine so far. “It sucks we can’t do the normal thing we did before like school, going shopping, going out to eat, watching movies, it’s all over most likely for a while.” Villarreal also said that the hardest part is not being able to go out and socialize with people. Throughout the interviews we conducted this is what most students struggle with the most. 

“The best part of quarantine right now is probably being able to stay home and take care of yourself.” Villarreal commented about her favorite part so far.

Brooklyne Larson says “It is really boring but the good thing about it is that I can sleep in and play animal crossing and spend more time with my family and take a break from school.” 

Larson also said “Although I kinda miss being with my friends cause they always made my day and now its kinda hard without seeing them for almost a month.” 

When being quarantined people can get bored really fast with limited things to do, so try something new to stay entertained. 

To help the public you can practice social distancing by staying at least six feet apart from other people.  By staying in your homes you are helping stop the spread, which helps save lives. To help pass the time at home you can try to pick up a new hobby, or watch some movies with your family. If you stay home and only leave when you have to you can help stop the spread.