Teen girl goes stir crazy in quarantine.

Local girl is going crazy in quarantine, Gabrielle Taylor has decided that in her free time that she'll try cosplaying various characters.


Gabrielle Taylor

Gabrielle Taylor cosplaying President Howard Goodman from Black Friday in her house because of quarantine.

Gabrielle Taylor, Reporter

Local girl is going crazy in quarantine, Gabrielle Taylor has decided that in her free time that she’ll try cosplaying various characters. “I just wanted something to do.” Taylor said when asked why she was doing this.

The character in question that was the subject of the impromptu cosplay session was one President Howard Goodman. When we asked who this character is Taylor told us that he was the president of the U.S.A. in the musical Black Friday. The cosplay seemed to have been fairly simple. Taylor said that “he was a character that I could actually do,” when asked why this character.

This occurred on April 3rd, 2020 in morning.

Taylor told us that she wanted experiment with make-up for a bit before having to do her chores for the day. The experimentation in make-up led to the cosplay. “I started out by trying eye make-up, but I got bored and wanted to do something different,” Taylor said. The third week of quarantine is when things started to change.

“I had been meaning to cosplay Howard Goodman for few days before I actually did it,” Taylor remarked. This wasn’t the first time that Taylor has cosplay, nor was it the second or, third. Taylor said that she had been cosplaying casually for a few years now. The previous characters she cosplayed also were relatively simple in costume. “I’ve been the Joker, Virgil, and Logan,” Taylor explained.

The long quarantine is making Taylor stir crazy and bored. “The longer I’m in here the more characters I plan on dressing up as,” Taylor said. She isn’t going to stop. “I plan on doing many character cosplays in the future, many more, hopefully even more complex ones,” Taylor said.