Covid-19 affects students’ everyday lives


Compilation of Heather Smith (top left) using a filter on Snapchat, Annika Anderson (bottom left) showing her disappointment towards quarantine, and Trenton Brown (right) posing for a Senior photo taken by Adrianne Vaughan.

Cortnie Hulse, Reporter

Covid-19 is affecting all students in many different ways during the school closure. “I can’t really go to school anymore, and that made my learning harder,” Heather Smith shared, a Sophomore at Highland. “My teachers don’t email me back and it’s just not as fun because you don’t get to see your friends and everything.”

Some students find their time home better for them. “I’m personally very introverted and I feel like I’m a lot more productive when I stay home,” stated Annika Anderson, a Sophomore at Century high school. She went on to say that she is able to give herself a schedule that helps her get work done in the morning, and then is able to do personal activities in the afternoon.

This virus is also giving Annika more stress. “I would say that it is extremely terrifying, I feel like I probably have more anxiety and stress in my life, especially if I’m going to go grocery shopping once a week it stresses me out.” Although it is stressful for her, Annika can calm herself down by going on walks, or petting her cat. “It’s also given me an opportunity to ground and center myself, and meditate and just kind of find myself.”

Trenton Brown, a Senior, has found new ways to keep himself occupied while he is staying home. “I’m learning new software, I’m trying things I’ve never tried before.” He has also started building a hammock out of paperclips to film a video for his YouTube channel, Insane Studios. “I’m learning how to create 3D models for animation, computer generated 3D models,” Trenton later shared. “I did some pretty sick April Fools day pranks. I’ve been filming and making videos. I’ve watched lots of movies.”

Online school has also added to how the students spend their time. “I was assigned forty math assignments,” Annika stated. “But then he was like ‘just do two hours a week on it’ so it’s, I would say, it’s a little bit more than normal of just being in school, but I would say that it’s definitely doable online and that if you pace yourself you can definitely get it finished.”

Heather shared that for her it is about the same amount of homework as normal. It is more stressful for her because she can’t get one-on-one time with her teachers when she needs it.

Trenton has had a different experience so far. “The homework I’ve been assigned online is not too bad actually. I think the worst thing that I have to work on, or the thing that I would have to work on regardless is my Senior project essay. The second hardest class, even over my AP Stats class, is band.”

Cortnie Hulse