The ever healing music

How the ever healing music has helped the Sunflower neighborhood.


Dragan Andic

Abel Tesafye aka The Weeknd is singing to his hometown in Toronto healing the crowd the same way he has healed the Sunflower neighborhood.

Braxton Gregory, Reporter

The day was March 16th, 2020 a day that will go down in the Sunflower neighborhood as a turning point in life for many because of Covid-19 this included Nathan Miller, Jeremy Hansen, and Alysaa Sutton. “I never thought I’d be out of a job and solely relying on my husband’s income.” Said Sutton. After people were left jobless and stuck at home with their families the question was asked how they were passing time or recovering.

“Music, I’ve been listening to a lot of music and one that’s helped me heal and realize the opportunity that this stay at home order presents is The Weeknd’s After Hours album.” Said Hansen.

After Hours released March 20th, 2020 and was promoted to be the album that heals. “I have listened to After Hours, I really like it because it’s 80’s mixed with modern R/B.” Said Miller.

Realizing that my neighborhood was big on The Weeknd’s After Hour’s, I decided to give it a listen myself and I can’t get enough of it.

“Scared To Live is my favorite song on the album, It opened my eyes with some of the lyrics and really inspired me to take advantage of this opportunity to self evaluate and get ready for when this goes away.” Said Hansen. ‘Scared To Live’ is a song ultimately about getting over a relationship, but the lyrics that connect to Covid-19 read “I know things will never be the same, Time we lost will never be replaced. So don’t be scared to live again.”

“With the Sunflower neighborhood being young with only two couples above 50 and one in their 40’s you’ll find that modern music like After Hours connects with us a lot more and means a lot more than maybe it was meant to in these troubling times.” Said Sutton.

After Hours is not the only piece of music that’s been going around the Sunflower neighborhood. “I’ve been listening to some Micheal Jackson, Jay Z, Frank Ocean the list goes on, Music itself not just After Hours has calmed my anxiety, I have too much time to think while working from home.” Said Miller.

The Sunflower neighborhood  has changed their mindset on the world’s current situation as it goes on. “At first I was mad I didn’t understand what was actually happening and now as time has gone on I have sort of relaxed.” Said Sutton. The same could be said about the rest of the group. “I was scared I didn’t know what was going to happen or take place and back to what you asked music really helped relax me so I could get in the right headspace and start fixing my life up.” Said Miller. As for Hansen he took a very different approach to Covid-19. “When Covid-19 hit New York I had already gotten prepared for shutdown I think what had me worried was the unknown and still today there’s a lot of unknown but since I work an essential job life didn’t really change but the world around me did which was hard to wrap my head around.” Said Hansen.

So what now?

“Well I think that we just play the waiting game and do what the professionals tell us and if we do that we can flatten the curve and hopefully get back to normal life.” Said Sutton. This is one of the rare occasions that the world stops, work, school, and other activities stop. My advice take this opportunity to ponder, fix and change your life if needed and let music heal.