Onward captivates me with its heartfelt story

I rate this movie five out of five stars

Disney's Cinderella's castle


Disney’s Cinderella’s castle

Cortnie Hulse, Reporter

Disney’s newest movie, Onward, exceeded my expectations with a heartfelt story about brotherly love with highly relatable characters. The movie took magic to a whole new level with this movie made for the whole family.

The characters in this film had clear roles and distinct personalities from the beginning. As I followed them throughout the story, I could clearly see them growing as a character, which helped me become attached to them. They were all very relatable in one way or another, which helped bring comedy to this story.

The plot to this movie was very unique. It is unlike anything I have ever seen before by Disney.  They kept every moment of the movie interesting, and never drifted too far off from the main story line. Everything Disney added felt necessary and added to the overall plot. I rate this movie for kids of all ages, but in order to understand it’s moral fully, I would recommend it for ages twelve and up.

The scenery and animation of this movie caught me by surprise several different times throughout the film. This movie focuses a lot on magic and spells, and every time magic was introduced to the scene, it looked completely real for the style of the movie.

A lot of teens could relate to the main character, Ian Lightfoot. They might find him relatable because of his overall personality and skills, or lack thereof, with the activities he must do as he grows as a character. This character could help teens see how the people in their lives help them to grow as a person.

This movie’s diversity in it’s characters reminds me of Zootopia. It’s story line slightly reminds me of The Good Dinosaur. The overall plot reminds me of the game “Dungeons and Dragons”.

I recommend this movie for everyone. Especially someone who likes stories with quests, adventure, and magic. It is a good movie for the whole family with a great message.

Cortnie Hulse