Chicks bring happiness into the Hulse family


Cortnie Hulse

Kyle Hulse holds Milo to help her get use to humans and being held.

Cortnie Hulse, Reporter

The Hulse family has recently bought chicks to produce eggs in the next few months. “All the stores ran out of eggs,” Shared Amy, the mother of the Hulse family. “It wasn’t just one store it was a lot of stores and we didn’t know when they going to get them back in so we’re like ‘you know what, we don’t know how long this is going to last.’ So we’re like ‘let’s go buy some chickens.’”

The recent virus has been bringing the family down the last few weeks. These chicks are bringing something to do and something to be happy about. “They’ve given us something to do in a time where we’re staying home, with nothing to do,” stated Kevin, the father of the family. “Gives us some entertainment.”

The youngest in the household who is twelve is very happy with the new change. “They’re adorable,” he stated. He also went on to say that one of the benefits he sees right now in having the chicks is happiness. Later on, the benefit will be the eggs.

The chicks themselves have personalities of their own. They have been named by the family, their names are Milo, Peep, and Matilda. “Milo is the nicest one,” shared Kyle, the youngest of the Hulse family. He has been watching the chicks’ personalities the last few days. “She’s like, the side character of a story, but people still love her. Peep is basically that one annoying athletic kid in your class, but as a chick. Matilda is just normal. She’s just like, chill.”

“Another reason we got it is because we have a greenhouse, we have the room, we have the cages. Pretty much have the set up for them.” Kevin stated. Although the Hulse family enjoys the chicks, he also shares that they are not for everyone.