Everything you need to know about Make-a-Wish.

All about Make-a-Wish this year.

Make-a-Wish is a fundraiser that helps raise money for kids who are fighting a critical illness and this year we are trying to raise money for an eight year old named Kash.  Kash has had leukemia and has been fighting for a year, he won’t be cancer free until high school. He also enjoys dinosaurs, and The Pj Masks like most kindergartners. His wish is to go to Disney world, our fundraising can help him get there.

Highland has been raising money for Make-a-Wish for around ten years. The most recent fundraiser was the color run, they have been selling shirts and bracelets to raise enough money.

There are many students who are trying to help Kash’s wish come true.  When the school raises enough money then we can give him the money to go to Disneyland.  The fundraiser has been going on for quite awhile now and most students believe that we will be able to reach our goal, many people are trying their best to make this possible. 

“I was hanging out with my friends and I had a good time,” Sariah Bradley said regarding the Sock Hop dance. The dance was on the 7th along with the color run.

Seventeen classes were asked if they bought any shirts and only 22% said that they did. The average amount of students per class that bought shirts was five. The shirts this year have dinosaurs riding motorcycles and Pj Masks. “I like the characters on the shirt,” Olivia Strauch said. “It’s designed well, very put together,” Parker Sampson commented.

The assembly that was scheduled for Monday for Make-a-Wish was postponed due to Corona virus.