The Corona Virus and how it’s “infected” people

The Coronavirus is highly contagious and has spread widely around the world. changing everyone's lives.


Photo credit; Sarah Price

This is a picture of Sarah Price taken in her bedroom.

Olivia Strauch and Parker Sampson

The Spring break of 2020 was going to be an exciting experience for many students. A teacher named Mrs. Greco at Highland High School was supposed to take students on a trip to Italy. However, the recent outbreak of the coronavirus has cancelled that trip. Italy has been shut down and now no one is allowed to leave or enter the country. Twenty two people were supposed to be going on this trip, but now only six people have chosen to travel next year. They did plan to go to the Greek Isles, but unfortunately that got cancelled as well.  Next year they will be going to Switzerland, Austria, and Germany. In the future they will possibly attempt to go to Italy again.

“It’s not as good as Italy, but we would rather have a trip than no trip,” said Greco about the original switch to Greece.  Greco also says that it was a good idea to quarantine because altogether 80 million people have been affected. Northern Italy was the main place that was quarantined, but it slowly spread to the rest of the country.

A student with the name of Price, Sarah Price at Highland High School whipped up a great interview for the media. She believes that the media isn’t necessarily making it scary but about people’s interpretations of it. She is more precious about staying sanitized. Her dad is a healthcare professional and so he keeps her in check. She knows it’s similar to flu symptoms and 700 people in the United States have been affected by it. The virus does not scare her. If someone were to get the virus in the school, she believes the school should be shut down.  “If the virus were to be in school, I would not come and my dad wouldn’t let me either,” Price. 

With the evidence that we have, the Coronavirus isn’t the scariest thing out there, but you should still take precautions and be safe. So, don’t go crazy and buy all the hand sanitizer and toilet paper at your local store.