Highland Idol: raising cash for Kash

Highland students compete with their peers in a fun fundraiser with a great cause.


Photo credit; Joe Walsh

This picture was taken of Chandler and Garcia while being interviewed about the cause and the competition.

Throughout the second week of march (March 8-13) Highland High School held its annual talent show tryouts. This year Highland Idol acts as a fundraiser for an amazing cause. Kash is an amazing kid who deserves the world, but unfortunately he is cursed with leukemia. Highland High School wants to help Kash out by raising money to send him to Disney World. A part of this fundraiser is Highland idol, a talent show where students show off their talents to their peers and compete for first place in a casual competition.

“I’m absolutely terrified”, said Josie Ratzlaff. One of the contestants we interviewed, wondering if she was feeling any sort of anxiety or nerves towards performing in front of her peers. Ratzlaff was extremely nervous about performing in front of her friends and although she was excited she was also a little worried. Her act was to sing and play her guitar to the well-known song “Stay With Me” written by Sam Smith. When asked about her thoughts on the cause Ratzlaff’s response was “It’s very wholesome. Kash is such a good kid and I believe he deserves this.” Even though she was nervous, she ended up rocking her performance and was happy to be apart of such a good cause.

“I mean we were prepared, but we could still work on some things”, Carlos Garcia said when him and his partner Brody Chandler were asked if they were ready to perform. Garcia and Chandler are an iconic duo act that sang “Somebody That I Used to Know” by Gotye. “I can’t wait to sing the high part”, said Chandler when asked what he was most excited about in the competition. Although the two were nervous they were both still very excited to perform and be a part of the cause. Garcia and Chandler reason as to why they were competing is because Garcia is transferring to Poky Highs School next year and they wanted to make a few more fun memories together before he had to leave. The duo ended up having an amazing time at tryouts and they were happy they did it. Garcia and Chandler choose the song because “We both just kind of vibed with the song”. The two friends had originally considered singing songs like “Kryptonite” by Three Doors Down and “Hallelujah” by Rufus  Wainwright.