All-Brass and Low-Brass Presidency help bring band together

Wrapping up their first full year in band, the All-Brass presidency is hoping to unify and organize the band with the Low-Brass presidency.

Trenton Brown poses for a Senior photo with his trumpet.

Adrianne Vaughan

Trenton Brown poses for a Senior photo with his trumpet.

Cortnie Hulse, Reporter

The All-Brass and Low-Brass Presidency in the school’s band plan to unify the sections with their work. “The All-Brass presidency is a professional organization that was developed to basically, to be like, beneficial for the band,” shared Trenton Brown, the president of the All-Brass Presidency. “For like welfare and well-being, to open new friendships and alliances between sections, to desegregate people, and overall to provide more organization for not just the bass section as a whole, but to make an influence on the band all together.”

This presidency organized bills, amendments, and a constitution as part of their work. “The constitution is a huge landmark because it’s the start of an official presidency here at the high school,” stated Trenton. “It’s not signed by Mr. Wilson as of current because he doesn’t necessarily agree with the presidency. But it is signed by his boss, Mr. Wallace.” He also mentioned that other documents have been signed by principal Wallace in the past.

The All-Brass Presidency was inspired by an already existing presidency, which is the Low-Brass Presidency. “It was a union formed to stop the oppressive government in band,” shared Ian Peck, the president of the Low-Brass Presidency. “We got a bunch of people together and we said ‘we’re tired of our oppressive rulers. So we’re going to unionize.’ Then we wrote a declaration.” The oppressive rulers according to Ian is Mr. Wilson, the band director, and the flute section.+

Cortnie Hulse

Since 2018, when the Low-Brass Presidency was first created, they have gained many members. “It’s [amount of members] growing exponentially,” Ian shared. “At first it was just the brass at Highland but now there’s kids from all over Idaho that have joined it.”

The All-Brass Presidency doesn’t just focus on only helping the band. “We’ve done a couple [activities], just within the All-Brass presidency,” shared Trenton. “We have put together a brass quintet, or different brass subsidies that have gone out and done charitable things. Like performing at the veteran’s home, or performing at even a middle school, where they were doing a fundraiser for a family whose mother had cancer. So we do a lot of charitable causes wherever we see them and wherever we can help out.”