Carlos falls into broken glass

Carlos was eight when this happened. it happened in his kitchen and there was a lot of blood involved.


Carlos Andrade Garcia III

When 8-year old Carlos Garcia was walking around his house, he had slipped on some glass, therefore cutting open the knee and needs some stitches afterwards.

Eli Parrish, Reporter

While walking into his kitchen unaware that there was broken glass on the ground, Carlos slipped into the glass and cut himself

“It freaking hurt,” Garcia said.

When Garcia got up he had glass in his leg.

”Taking out the glass freaking hurt,” Garcia said.

The cuts on his legs left some pretty good scars.

“I have a pretty good scar from one of the cuts,” said Garcia.

Garcia wasn’t paying attention at the time.

“I didn’t

see the glass until I fell into it,” said Garcia.

This whole incident happened when Garcia was young.

“This happened when I was young. I was eight years old,” Garcia said.