Jada Bradley takes a break.

Jada Bradley spends a sunny week in Arizona.


Alexis O'Hearn, Reporter

Last September, after a long thirteen hour drive to Arizona, freshman Jada Bradley got to visit with her family for a week like she does every year.

“It was warm but really fun, the long drive was worth it,” Bradley said.

Bradley was glad she slept the whole way, which made it pass by much faster, so when she woke up they were already in Arizona.

According to Bradley, despite the heat, she can’t wait to go see her family again this year.

Her favorite part was the warm weather, because it isn’t very warm here in September so it was a nice change.

“It was warm but not too hot, it was perfect,” Bradley said regarding the beautiful weather.

Her least favorite part however, was being in the car all day on the way there and back.

She said the car ride was very cramped and not very comfortable.

She can’t wait to go see her grandma again sometime this year.

“It was long but overall it was really fun, and warm,” said Bradley in reference to the trip.