Gabrielle loves musical theater

Braxton Gregory, Reporter

When acting out an excerpt in Mrs. Greco’s Freshman Honors English it opened up a whole new world and interest for Gabrielle Taylor.

“Theater really pulled me out of my shell,” Taylor said.

After finding this new love for theater Taylor has starred in a multitude of plays including on stage and backstage.

Taylor went onto say, “I’ve done a little bit of both acting and behind the scenes.”

After asking Taylor what she meant by behind the scenes she revealed to me a little bit of how much went into the work of theater.

“I was the lead in the costume crew during her sophomore year for the play Urinetown; it was quite the job,” Taylor said.

Behind the scenes and on the scene in the theater are two very different jobs that contribute to each other in a beautiful way but which does Taylor prefer?

“I would take the stage more than I would behind the stage its a little easier all I really have to do is memorize and use what they give me,” Taylor said

Now as Taylor is continuing to work and improve her love for the theater she is preparing for a role in the upcoming play Mama Mia.

“I’m excited for Mama Mia and a little Nervous but it should be a play to remember,” Taylor said.