Brave skier jumps off a ledge at Pebble

A teen preformed a brave action of jumping off a ledge at pebble and lives to tell the tale.

This is Parker Sampson skiing at Pebble.

Troy Sampson

This is Parker Sampson skiing at Pebble.

Olivia Strauch, Reporter

While skiing at Pebble, a man named Parker Sampson decided to go off a really big ledge. He did a spread eagle and jumped. Sampson slammed into the ground and hit his head extremely hard. Of course, he was on his ski’s while this was happening.

“Wicked Dude!” said Sampson.

dad got it on video and posted it on Facebook.

Sampson also says that he calls it a rock, but it was really a ledge.

So, he essentially jumped off a ledge at Pebble and lived to tell the tale. That takes a lot of bravery to be able to jump off a ledge. To make it even better, he is a teen!

“I knew I was going to hit the ground hard,” said Sampson.

He also claims to have the video that his dad took.