Teenage boy faints in women’s restroom

A teenage boy accidentally fainted in the women’s restroom in the ER.


Gabrielle Taylor

Braxton Gregory poses for his picture for the story about him in the Rampage.

Gabrielle Taylor, Reporter

While in the ER five years ago for an injury, junior Braxton Gregory passed out from blood loss in the ladies’ restroom.

“I count it as one of my most embarrassing moments,” Gregory said.

Gregory heard someone call for help right before losing consciousness.

Gregory explained that he heard a woman’s voice calling out for help.

He woke up moments later and exited the restroom later realizing it was the ladies’ room.

“I noticed that it was the women’s bathroom,” Gregory said.

Gregory had gone to refresh himself before he fainted.

Gregory explained that he had wanted to splash his face with some water after arriving at the ER.

The blood loss causing Gregory to faint was because of an injury caused by playing football on concrete.

“I had fallen and not noticed how bad it was, it wasn’t until I saw blood dripping from my sleeve that I knew it was more than a cut,” said Gregory.