Raising cash for Kash

Student Government and Sophomore class come together to plan activities to support Kash


Cortnie Hulse

Information for the activities on March 7th at Highland to support Make-A-Wish.

Cortnie Hulse, Reporter

Briley Anderson
A participant comes into the final leg of the color run as part of a fundraiser for Make A Wish.

The Sophomore class plans activities this week to raise money for Make-A-Wish at Highland. There were two activities going on Saturday, the Color Run, and the Sock Hop dance. “I’m really excited for the Color Run,” stated Cameron Leavitt, a senator for the Sophomore class. “We had to take all the time to put all the color in the bottles, and it was really messy. But I think I’ll be really fun and a good activity to raise money.”

The Color Run money will be used for helping Kash’s wish come true through Make-A-Wish. The Color Run is ten dollars if you bring your own shirt to get color on, and fifteen dollars to do the run with a shirt the school gives you. It starts at 10:00AM on Saturday at the school.

This year Kash is in Kindergarten. “He has leukemia, he’s been fighting leukemia for a year,” Shared Teri Mitton, a teacher at Highland. Mrs. Mitton also shared that Kash is doing well. He still has a long way to go before he can say he is cancer-free. “He won’t be able to say he’s cancer-free until he’s in high school.”

Make-A-Wish will allow Kash and his family to go on vacation to Disney Land. “Make-A-Wish what it does, is really, at the time you’re fighting cancer and you’re struggling for your life, a family vacation seems pretty frugalous,” Mrs. Mitton stated. “But, when you’re doing all that and that’s all you can concentrate on the whole time, it’s kind of interesting how a vacation can give you hope and give you a sense of normal.” Make-A-Wish gives kids a break from what they’re going through at the time. It acts as a short escape from the treatments.

The goal is to raise $15,000, which would fund about three wishes. So far, the school has raised over $5,000.

Cortnie Hulse