Highland JV girls basketball plays a striking season


Jordan Mayo

Girls JV basketball team playing a home game.

Ashlyn Gabbitas and Jared Hauser

Highlands girls JV basketball team lost the season this year but still work hard towards their goals.

Girls JV basketball coach Taryn Sorrell who originally became a coach do to her love of playing basketball and wanting to be a good role model.

The Girls JV basketball team hasn’t had the past track record in the past but despite that, the girls worked endlessly and try there hardest always.

Halle Richards a 15-year-old Sophomore at Highland who scored 146 points playing for the basketball team. “I’ve played basketball for a long time and I just love it,” Richards said.

Halle said one of the hardest games was against Thunder Ridge do to the fact that they had really good skills and most of the girls were just super tall.

“Some of our losses just really tore us down,” says Richards.

Mrs.Sorrell stated that one of the best games of the season was when they outscored there opponent 754 points to 742.

Clarissa Schrock a 16-year-old Sophomore at Highland high school scoring a Hundred and eleven points for the basketball team.

“My favorite part about being on the team is getting to know all the other girls on the team,” Schrock said.

Clarissa stated one of the Major games was the team’s second game against Rigby.

“I believe we did well that day because our energy was and we were making good shots.

Richards stated that one of the there more difficult games was against Thunder Ridge.

“The reason the game with Thunder Ridge was so difficult was the opposing team had good skill and were super tall,” Richards said.

Although the girls worked hard they still lost this season 9 to 12.