Highland Joins the Honor Band


Daunte Escalera

A Tenor Saxophone, Alto Saxophone and a flute are some of the instruments featured in the band.

Ashlyn Gabbitas
Conductor directing a song.

The Gem State Honor band was a group made up of the best musicians in the region, the auditions being at Highland, Skyline, and Blackfoot High Schools.

They practiced for about two days and performed their songs, The second band playing Espana Cani, a classic Spanish bullfighting song, Chorale and Shaker Dance II, Fanfare for the Third Planet, and Yorkshire Ballad.

Honor band 1 played five songs, Imaginarium, The Hounds of Spring, Rippling Watercolors, Iron Sharpens Iron, and Semper Fidelis.

The players auditioned in early October and were given the music for the concert in December.

Highland made up about 15% of the total population of the bands, with 23 students from the 150 being from Highland

The Bands joined each other at Blackfoot High School where they rehearsed for approximately ten hours to get the entire concert performance-ready. Next year, the Honor band will be earlier in the school year, with it being in November instead of January.

Aiden Hauser, a Freshman Baritone player, stated that the honor band was “Something I just really wanted to join since I saw the first concert.”

His brother, Gavin Hauser, a Junior Saxophone player said that he plays three saxophones, Alto, Tenor, and Baritone. He also told us that he auditioned for the band because it helps him.

“My favorite part of being in Honor Band is the inclusion and the people that I get to meet.”

Gavin says that it’s amazing to meet the musicians and to participate with them.

Twelve schools in the area had students in the band, Blackfoot H.S., Bonneville H.S., Century H.S., Preston H.S., Highland H.S., Idaho Falls H.S., Thunder Ridge H.S., Madison H.S., Pocatello H.S., Rigby H.S., Skyline H.S., and Hillcrest H.S.

The two directors were Steven Hendricks, a guest conductor, clinician, and adjudicator for bands throughout the U.S. And Randall Beach, the Band Director at Green Canyon High School.

The concert started with Honor Band 2 and ended with Honor Band 1.

We were told that they played like a college band, and in an interview, we were told that they sounded like they had two months to practice instead of two days.

There were CDs of the concert available to order in the Blackfoot Performing Arts Center lobby.