The Highland Rams Wrestling team of 2019-2020


Abigail Page

Senior Max Anderton picks up a pin at the Dick Fleischmann Tournament over Hillcrest.

Emillio Velasquez, Everything

Highland Rams wrestling team has had a great year defeating a lot of formidable teams in the process! There’s been a lot of hardship, blood, sweat and tears put into this year and it’s almost over. The wrestling teams overall dual record this year is great with no losses. The team is 19-0, beating great teams including Shelley, Madison, Rigby and many more they have been on a roll this year with one more formidable team standing in their way from being undefeated.

Head Coach Kobe Cordingly has loved the daily grind of every day he loves to see kids working hard and loves to see the kids having fun, he’s coached sense 1998 and still enjoys it and loves to see his wrestlers not only working hard, but exceeding in life outside of wrestling.  

Mr. Bell is really enjoying the year and is very proud of the way the wrestlers are working, “You guys work really hard and work in the off season you guys set goals and work as hard as you can to reach those goals.” 

 “We all at least want to place at state, it would make my senior year the best year I’ve ever had I got real close to winning districts, but just to even place at state would be a memory I would cherish for the rest of my life.” 

There’s been a lot of great major moments throughout the season, with all the hard work the team has won a huge Utah tournament the Viewmont invitational with a lot of great teams there to compete. They also won the Dick Fleischman going undefeated 7-0 to take the victory and plack award. 

Some of the major team stats include Logan George with a great record of 39-3, Max Anderton with a record of 35-6, and Kayl Cordingly 43-8. Some of the team score stats, Emillio Velasquez leading the team in match points with 360 points scored with Bristin Corrigan in second with 240. Logan George has won two tournaments including the L.I.T. Invitational, Red Halvarson, George, Kayl Cordingly, Max Anderton and Emillio Velasquez were all undefeated wrestlers at this year’s annual Dick Fleischman. 

“Having a great team that loves to attack and go tell the whistle blows is all we can ask for. They all have fun and love to compete and love to work hard so they can go out there and win, all while having fun.” 

The team has been improving throughout the year working their heart out to do the best they can, Cordingly quotes, “We’ve done great, got better as a whole, the kids have been very disciplined, I’m very proud of the way they have performed throughout the year.”

“I think this team’s future is very bright, I’ve tried to teach them resilience, work ethic and have tried to teach them to put max effort in anything they do in life.” The kids are setting goals to achieve greater things than wrestling because of that resilient work ethic that they’ve been taught, through wrestling. 

The other coaches help out a lot with individual wrestlers. “They do everything they possibly can to help out every wrestler that they can, they always have feedback for me and always help out a ton.” 

The team has become a family over the year, they work hard together, they sweat together and they bleed together. They all have fun together and all have each other’s back wrestling is an individual sport but the things you go through with your team are unforgettable.

Cordingly quotes,“I love to see the team overcoming challenges that they thought they couldn’t overcome, I love to see them working hard to achieve and succeed, but most of all I love to see the team bond and love to see kids that didn’t have anyone before find somewhere to belong.” 

One of the team’s biggest rivals this year is century their team is very formidable and has a lot of well trained wrestlers on their team but highland does as well they’ve only lost one dual this season and highland has lost none they face off in their last duals of the year this week who will win when they butt heads? 

The coaches aren’t worried, as long as the team tries their best. “We don’t expect them to win every match that part doesn’t really matter, what matters is that they try their best and if they come up short so be it.” 

“This year’s been great so far, I’m just really hoping we can finish it out strong. The state championship tournament should be a lot of fun. Really good wrestling is gonna be going on.”

Cordingly quotes, “I’m not really big on team stats or individual stats those don’t really matter to me at all, in my eyes they are all equal there is no best wrestler on the team and I don’t have any favorites I love all those guys.” 

The team works really hard and has fun doing it, they’re a family and wouldn’t change anyone on the team for anyone in the world they all love each other, but kill each other in practice to make one another better. This is a great team with a lot of heart.

“The team’s bond is getting stronger with every second that they’re in that room together, they’re good kids and work to be the best that they can be I know they will all achieve, succeed and overall do great things in their lifetime.” 

Hopefully the team can win districts and place top four in the state to receive a trophy, they work really hard for it and try their best there’s not a lot more you can ask for in these young bucks.