A Winning Freshmen Season


June Johnson

Freshman Mele Fiefia blocks a pass from the opposing team during the Bonneville game in the small gym, going for yet another win.

Emma McInelly and Olivia Gummersall

After a longer season, the freshman girls team finished completely undefeated against Idaho teams!

“The highlight of the season was winning the conference tournament, it was probably best half of the season.” Says freshman girls coach Bryce Metcalf.

The conference tournament was back and forth between Thunder ridge and Highland and at halftime Thunder ridge was ahead.

Metcalf goes onto say “It was a close game at halftime, and we came out on top.”

The previous year Thunder Ridge had beaten Highlands team and knocked them out of a spot at state.

“It was kinda nice to get back after them.”

The team got about four or five three-pointers per game.

“We had a few girls who could really shoot the ball from the outside when they were on, it really helped us.”

Part of that is due to the work of  Ry’Esha Running Horse who averaged about 10 and half points per game herself.

“It’s hard to say who the MVP is all around but  Ry’Esha Running Horse is our leading scorer. And Marissa Mauger came on strong at the end of the year.” The coach says.

Marissa had a score of 24 points and about 6 block shots in the championship game.

“We were a very good pressure defense, full court, half court, press. It created a lot of turnovers.”

After this season Metcalf shared his high hopes for individuals on the team.

“As far as the off-season, I just hope all the girls remember their long term goals are to be a varsity state champion. They gotta’ compete against each other to make themselves better.”

The team, however, still has more to learn.

“Lots of talent, but they definitely need to get better at basketball skill work, better shooting and ball-handling as well as better team defense and remembering offensive plays. I don’t have any more hair to pull out so…frustrated about that.” Metcalf jokes.

The freshmen girls haven’t been able to go undefeated in over ten years!

“We set goals – to win conference, we did that. To win city, we did that. To win the conference tournament, we did that.”

Game after game, the team took wins, and it paid off.

“We were the best freshman squad in this part of the state.”