Shooting their shots, JV boys Basketball has a good season


Faith Duncan

Defending for his team, Sophomore Fisher Anderson gets ready to catch a pass from his teammate.

Brooklyn Dayley and Jane Palmer

This season the Junior Varsity Boy Basketball team had a win-loss record of 9-11 as of 2/12/20. “As a team we would usually average around 45-60 points a game,” JV basketball team said. This year Jayden Wright was pushed up from the freshman basketball team to fill in a JV spot that had opened, and he ended up proving himself worthy of his spot on JV. So much so that a lot of his teammates said that he was their Most Valuable player.

“I get about 12-14 points a game. I wouldn’t say anyone is the MVP. We all have something to do on the team,” said Jayden Wright. According to the JV players when Wright filled the spot on the JV team he not only improved the team stats but also improved the team as well. “Jayden is probably the MVP because he’s an athlete and he’s always scoring our points,” Raimon Barela said. “My favorite part of the season was probably getting to practice with the team and getting to know them better,” Wright said.

Earlier on in the season at the Thunder Ridge vs. Highland game they were falling behind and Braedon Kelley hit two 3 point shots and brought the highland rams to a victory.

“My favorite moment this season was against Thunder Ridge and we were down by like 4 or 6 and Braedon Kelley hit two 3’s and got us the win. It was just cool, a cool moment,” Barela said. JV’s biggest competition this season were the Trojans from Rigby High school. The final score was 49-65 with the Rigby Trojans taking the “W”. “Rigby is our biggest competitor they just have big players,” Fisher Anderson said.

Over the past years our boys JV Basketball team has gotten more elite then since when they first started in 1964. In 64′ they were first runner up in districts. In 66′ they had a win-loss record of 8 wins and 19 losses. They gradually got better as the years went on, like in 1990 their win-loss record was 17 wins and 10 losses. In more recent years they had still continued to improve their skills as individual players and as a team.