Candy Grams For Your Sweetheart


Dawsen Derie and Rustan “Teenie” Cordingly answer questions about the candy grams.

Dalton Derie, Club editor

Candy grams are a fun way to show someone that you care about them. All this week and next, Highland’s Jr. Civitan club will be selling candy grams for Make a Wish. They are one dollar a piece and can go to anyone you would like. Students can purchase these delightful treats before school and during lunch. When asked if they would purchase a candy gram for someone, Dawsen Derie and Rustan Cordingly both gave enthusiastic responses.

“I would definitely buy one, probably for my sweetheart” Dawsen responded.

“I would buy one too” Rustan said.

The candy grams are getting a lot of attention here at Highland. People are lining up from the beginning to the end of lunch trying to buy them. One of the best parts of this fundraiser is the cause that it goes for. Every year, Highland raises money for a Make a Wish child. Make a Wish is an organization that lets someone make a “wish” which allows them to do one thing if their choice. This wish can be anything that they want. One of the previous kids that we raised money for wanted a swimming pool, so the possibilities are endless.

“I think that the candy grams are a great way to make money” Rustan commented.

“They are a clever way to raise money and make other people happy” Dawsen added.

There is still time left to buy candy grams. Go out and buy one for your friends, it is for a good cause!