My review of Meka Hunters


Some gameplay of Meka Hunters

Daunte Escalera and Willard Schwindt

Meka Hunters is an early access game made by the video game company Illogical, with a sandbox-style game with several types of Mekas for you to destroy. The game has extremely simple controls, so simple that “even babies can play it” utilizing both of your thumbs. You drag them around a little circle to aim, and to move.

The game has no story as of yet, but that could change, however, because it’s still in early access. The game is casual, meaning you don’t have to play all day every day to upgrade your Meka.

There are 13 available cosmetic upgrades, that have no effect on the gameplay. They range from one dollar to six dollars, but I didn’t pay for any of them because I’m a cheapo. (Also, as I said, you don’t need the upgrades to experience the full game, as they are purely cosmetic.)

The game is a new take on the popular battle royale genre, where you battle other players in order to be the last alive, but the developers changed it so that you would battle to be the first person to get 15 kills.

Illogical has been constantly updating the game, so much so that the interface and map have changed almost completely since I first logged on one week ago.

The graphics have been updated so they are smoother, and the screen is now at a third person POV instead of an overhead one. The shooting joystick was also updated from a simple circle to a bullet icon.

I personally enjoy this game, it’s easy, it’s pretty large, and who doesn’t enjoy destroying droids while in a giant robot suit? The graphics are great and the gameplay is fun.

Like I’ve said, This game is definitely in my top 10 free mobile games, and it’s bound to improve because it’s still in development, so you should give it a try both before and after the game’s full release.

All in all, this game is one that I recommend you try and leave a review for the developers if you want to give them your opinion on the game.

Thank you for reading, we hope you try the game for yourself and feel the same way we do, but it’s okay if you don’t. This article was written by Daunte Escalera and Willard Schwindt.